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Commuter Cost Calculator

How much does your commute cost?

a. How many miles is your daily commute (round trip)?
b. How many days per month do you normally work?
c. How many miles per gallon does your car average?
d. How much per gallon do you usually pay for gasoline?
e. What is your cost per mile for maintenance and tires?
f. What is your cost per day for insurance, financing, and depreciation?
g. How much do you pay for monthly parking?

Your estimated monthly commuting cost is:
Your estimated yearly commuting cost is:

* Based on AAA's 2012 estimate for owning and operating a vehicle. The estimate figures in the average fuel cost, maintenance, tires, insurance, license and registration and depreciation based on the composite average for small, medium and large sedans. Annual mileage is assumed to be 15,000. See the table on page six of AAA's guide: Your Driving Costs.

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