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Telework, a CTrides program, is a free and comprehensive resource for many teleworking options. CTrides can offer guidance in the design, development and implementation of a custom teleworking program. Since you don’t spend time fighting traffic, teleworking can make your work day less stressful and more productive.

Teleworking Benefits

Improved Work/Life Balance: The average American spends about 1.5 hours daily commuting to and from work. Teleworkers spend more time with family and less time on the road.
Less Gas Consumption: Teleworking can conserve resources through reduced gas consumption.
Stress Reduction: Those who telework experience less stress caused by commuting, including physical discomfort, air pollution and noise.
Savings: Teleworkers save an estimated $1,200/year on fuel costs alone, and even more when considering wear and tear on their cars.
Increased Productivity: Teleworkers are more productive and produce better quality work because they work in a quiet environment with minimal interruptions and have an increased ability to focus on specific work tasks.

Our experienced team of consultants can help you design and launch a customized telework plan that meets the specific needs for your business or organization.

Disclaimer : CTrides does not render legal advice and provides these free forms solely to assist businesses exploring teleworking programs. By using these materials, the recipient (1) acknowledges and agrees that CTrides makes no representations regarding the sufficiency (legal or otherwise) of these materials in any particular jurisdiction or for any particular business purpose, and (2) voluntarily and knowingly assumes all risks associated with their use.