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Meet CTrides

CTrides, a program of the Connecticut Department of Transportation, promotes the adoption of sustainable and active transportation choices such as public transit, teleworking (work from home), carpooling, vanpooling, walking, and biking.

Our mission is to showcase the positive impact of sustainable transportation on individuals and their communities by alleviating traffic congestion and reducing harmful vehicle emissions. Through these efforts, we are dedicated to enhancing the health and overall quality of life for the residents of Connecticut.

How CTrides works for employers

We focus on assisting businesses in reducing their employees’ travel-related emissions by implementing practical and sustainable transportation options. Our services include providing experienced consultants at no cost, along with robust analytical tools aimed at rapidly boosting productivity and generating cost savings for the workforce. Other solutions include:


  • Cutting-edge analytical tools to conduct thorough worksite assessments that identify and address your employees’ commuting patterns and challenges.
  • Customized transportation demand management plans tailored to your unique needs and goals, ensuring data-driven solutions.
  • Targeted on-site programs and tools, including ridematching and rewards system, mode-specific try-it-day events, educational insight events, and more.

How CTrides works for the public

Our focus is to enhance Connecticut residents’ well-being and overall quality of life by offering comprehensive information and resources that empower individuals to explore and utilize sustainable and active transportation options. We aim to promote a culture that champions sustainable choices whenever possible for a healthier, greener lifestyle.

CTrides offers various services to support sustainable transportation, including:


  • A ridematching tool that connects like-minded individuals seeking carpools or vanpools.
  • Comprehensive information on all public transit services available in the state.
  • Customized trip planning assistance to help individuals create efficient and sustainable travel routes.
  • Commuter reward programs that incentivize the use of sustainable transportation options.
  • Transit passes for new riders to encourage the adoption of public transit.
  • An Emergency Ride Home Program that provides transportation in case of unexpected events.

Let’s get started!

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