Practical Solutions
for Sustainable and
Active Transportation
in the Workplace.

CTrides offers tailored consulting services, advanced analytical tools, and
customized solutions to promote sustainable commuting practices.

Customized Transportation Demand Management Programs

Your organization will benefit from our expertise in establishing or enhancing an existing transportation demand management program. With a foundation in data-driven strategies, we specialize in promoting sustainable transportation solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

Elevate Your Success with Cutting-Edge Tools

By utilizing CTrides’ suite of solution-driven tools, you will empower your workforce to make informed commuting decisions, leading to improved efficiency, retention, and sustainability in the workplace. Our suite of tools can provide your organization with the capability to conduct:

  • Journey Mapping
  • Commuter Surveys
  • Transportation Impact Reports
  • Productivity Analysis

Events and Engagement

We use our resources to develop and implement customized, on-site events and activities, including:

  • On-site employee information sessions
  • Try-it days for sustainable and active transportation modes
  • Customized trip planning assistance
  • And more

Emergency Ride Home

The no-cost CTrides Emergency Ride Home Program ensures peace of mind for employees who use sustainable and active transportation modes to get to work. It gives employees the comfort of knowing that if an unexpected emergency arises and their usual way home is unavailable, they can arrange alternate transportation and be reimbursed for that expense.

Telework Assistance

We offer a full suite of no-cost telework consulting services that help organizations start or formalize an existing telework program. This well-constructed program can enhance your recruiting and retention efforts and is of great value during inclement weather and other emergency events.

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