We did it! We exceeded our goals!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s challenge. Your contributions have made a tangible difference in improving Connecticut’s air quality. And congratulations to all the prize winners*!


*Winners will be notified via email by June 5th, 2023



2023 Climate Challenge Goals

Eliminate 20,000 car trips
the equivalent of a person making 5 car trips per day for almost 11 years!
Reduce 300,000 car miles
The equivalent of 95 car trips from Augusta, ME to San Diego, CA
Eliminate 275,000 pounds of emissions
The equivalent of approximately 130M plastic straws!

2023 Climate Challenge Results

374,390 lbs. emissions
26,866 car trips
432,010 miles
19,102 gallons of
gas saved
$270,007 money

The fight against climate change doesn't stop here.

By continuing to use greener modes of transportation instead of driving alone, we collectively contribute to a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.

If you weren’t able to join in the Challenge, you can still contribute to this effort.

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