Make the road
less traveled.

By opting for more sustainable and active modes of transportation rather than driving
alone, you can improve your overall well-being and make a positive environmental impact.
Explore your various transportation options below.

Rail Services

Connecticut boasts a comprehensive rail system that provides fast, frequent, and reliable passenger service across the state. These rail services offer convenient connections throughout Connecticut and the Northeast Corridor, reaching Boston, New York, Washington, DC, and more. The services include:

The New Haven Line – operated by Metro-North, runs between New Haven and Grand Central Terminal in NYC, with branch lines extending to New Canaan, Danbury, and Waterbury.

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CTrail Hartford Line – provides service along the I-91 corridor from New Haven to Hartford, ending in Springfield, Massachusetts. This line serves nine stations from New Haven to Springfield.

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CTrail Shore Line East – provides service along the I-95 corridor between New Haven and New London. This line serves nine stations from New Haven to New London.

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Amtrak – provides services in Connecticut that offer convenient connections to cities within the region and nationwide.

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Frequent bus connections are available at most stations.

Try out the bus with a free 10-trip pass

At CTrides, we understand the importance of experiencing bus services before making a commitment. That’s why we offer a complimentary trial ride program for commuters who are new bus users. 
This program includes a 10-trip bus pass, allowing you to discover the ease and convenience of bus travel firsthand. Contact us to see if you qualify and request your free trial ride today! Use our comprehensive transit finder tool below to discover which services are available in your area.

Bus Services

Connecticut residents benefit from an extensive network of local, express, regional, and microtransit bus services that operate throughout the state. Some of these services include:

CTtransit – the state-owned bus service and the largest provider of comprehensive local and express services.

CTfastrak, operated by CTtransit, is Connecticut’s first bus rapid transit system. 
It utilizes a bus-only roadway for routes connecting all of central Connecticut.

Other bus operators in Connecticut include:

  • Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority
  • Housatonic Area Regional Transit (HART)
  • Milford Transit District
  • Northeastern Connecticut Transit District
  • Northwestern Connecticut Transit District
  • Norwalk Transit District
  • River Valley Transit
  • Southeast Area Transit District (SEAT)
  • Valley Transit District
  • Windham Region Transit District (WRTD)

Microtransit – an accessible, on-demand mode of transportation that allows customers to request and schedule a ride within designated service areas using a smartphone app or telephone number. Microtransit services are provided by several transit operators in towns throughout the state.

Private intercity bus options – private bus operators like Greyhound and Peter Pan provide intercity, regional, and national bus services in Connecticut.

Connecticut offers a comprehensive park-and-ride system that services most transit agencies allowing travelers convenient bus access.



Carpooling is an ideal solution for those looking to save money, reduce their environmental impact, and make their journeys more enjoyable and efficient.

In Connecticut, residents have free access to a comprehensive carpool program through the CTrides app. This user-friendly program allows residents to find or share rides quickly and also provides the opportunity to earn rewards.

Explore carpooling options today and experience the benefits firsthand via our app or website below!


Vanpooling is an excellent way to save money and ride to work without the stress of driving. A vanpool typically consists of 4 to 15 people traveling together who share all monthly expenses, making it a cost-effective option.

Commute with Enterprise is a private organization that offers vanpool services in Connecticut.

Biking & Walking

Exploring your surroundings by bike or on foot is the most sustainable and enjoyable form of transportation. These allow for a unique exploration experience, bypassing traffic and parking challenges while promoting personal health and contributing to a sustainable and livable community.

In addition to serving as an excellent means of travel, Connecticut residents also have the opportunity to explore nature’s beauty. The State Parks and Forests of Connecticut offer many recreational activities, including an extensive network of trails suitable for road and mountain biking, walking, and more.

Explore the options below to discover all that Connecticut has to offer.

Accessible Services

Connecticut provides an extensive array of services designed to connect senior citizens, veterans, and individuals with disabilities with convenient and dependable public transportation options. Further information regarding these services is provided below

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