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The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has developed a family of commuter services designed to meet the needs of Connecticut employers. CTrides seeks to improve commuter mobility to help sustain the growth and vitality of our economy and make the state more competitive in the employment marketplace. Best of all, we work for you for free!

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We hope you will join hundreds of Connecticut employers in helping to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality across our state. CTrides is here to assist you with free programs and services that can be customized for your organization. As soon as we receive the completed form below, one of our experienced Commuter Program Managers (CPMs) will contact you to get you started with a strategy to educate and engage your employees on available commuting options.

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Employers in the state of CT can sign up here to receive updates on the Connecticut Department of Transportation's CTrides program. By completing this form, you acknowledge that CTrides will send you emails pertaining to program-wide updates, including but not limited to state-wide employer competitions, new program offerings to employers and updates to current programs, and select pertinent ConnDOT updates.



If you manage a workforce in Connecticut, our dedicated professionals can help your employees discover better ways to get to work or do their work. The commuter solutions we provide save time and money for workers and employers alike. Our consultation services can help you increase productivity, while your employees benefit from the convenience and peace of mind of not driving alone. Improving your ability to attract and keep the best workers is our immediate goal.

Employer benefits from supporting commute alternatives include:

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Easier recruitment and retention
  • Reduced absenteeism and late arrivals
  • Improved morale
  • Reduced parking and office space needs and costs
  • Easier access and traffic flow at your company


Commuter Tax Benefits

Updated Commuter Tax Benefit Information

You can increase your employees' take-home pay without increasing your payroll! Federal tax law allows commuters to get a monthly pre-tax transportation benefit by setting aside money each month to pay for transit and vanpool fares. You save on your payroll taxes and your employees lower their taxable income... it's a win-win! CTrides representatives are available to assist employers in developing and administering the program.

Benefits for Employees: Employees can lower their monthly expenses by using pre-tax income to pay for their commute. This benefit is at the employer’s discretion in setting up and is administered by the organizational HR/payroll provider.  

Emergency Ride Home

The CTrides Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program is a service provided by the Connecticut Department of Transportation for employees who regularly use an alternative commute to work. If an unexpected emergency arises, the ERH program will reimburse commuters who meet the guidelines below for their trip up to four (4) times a year. More details at ctrides.com/erh.

Company Relocation Services

If you are planning to relocate some or your entire workforce in Connecticut, you can rely on us for expert, in-depth analysis of your company's transportation and commutation issues in the creation of your customized relocation program. Services provided at no cost include program development, program implementation (including employee orientation presentations), and ongoing support after the move.

Employer: Benefits
Employer: Benefits

Custom Solutions at No Cost to You

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has developed a family of services to meet the needs of commuters. Our professionals will work closely with you and your managers to help put together a successful, custom designed program of services for your worksite, at no cost to you.

Our experts identify all available transportation options-from carpooling and vanpooling to public transit and teleworking. We help plan practical transportation solutions to suit company schedules and workers' routes. Appropriate programs are developed and promotional materials are presented to the workforce. We can assist each of your employees in understanding all of their available commute choices. With customized trip planning, we'll help them assess their options and select the best way to get to work.

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Telework is a no-charge consulting service of the CTrides program and is sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Transportation. Our Telework Specialists can show you how teleworking can offer employees work/life balance, relieve office space constraints and play a role in a company’s business continuity plan. Other Benefits include:

  • Increased worker productivity (10-20%)
  • Reduced employee absenteeism (2-4 days)
  • Increased employee morale, recruitment, retention (50-65%)
  • Better communication among time zones
  • Lowered facility costs, demand for parking spaces (10-90%)

Most employee homes are already equipped with the required technologies to telework. An Internet connection and working phone is typically all that’s needed.

There is no charge for our expert consulting services which will guide a company through; policy development, technology assessments, employee selection and pilot programs, training and implementation.

Contact us to see how Teleworking can be a great fit for you:
1-877-CTrides (1-877-287-4337)

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